Professor Valentine P. Chernykh

Honorable Rector of National University of Pharmacy

Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Honored man of science and technology of Ukraine

State prize laureate

Doctor of Pharmacy, Doctor of Chemistry

Kotvitska Alla Anatoliivna

Rector of the National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor

Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine

Igor A. Zupanets

is the Principal Investigator of Clinical and Diagnostics Center of National University of Pharmacy, the Head of Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy of National University of Pharmacy, Doctor of Medicine, Professor and Honored man of science and technology of Ukraine, the Chief out-of-staff specialist in the field of “Clinical Pharmacy” specialty, the Chairman of Problem committee “Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy” of the Ministry of Health and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, the Chairman of specialized Scientific council on “Pharmacology” speciality. Igor Albertovich is the author of 19 monographs, 17 textbooks, 60 manuals, 500 scientific articles and 140 patents, 37 scientific methodological recommendations. Under the leadership of Prof. Zupanets there were defended 5 doctoral theses and 24 PhD theses. As a result of scientific establishment research there were created more than 20 drugs which are now on different stages of marketing introduction. At the site there were conducted more than 50 trials of Phase I−IV and bioequivalence studies of drugs as well.

We are open to cooperate with all concerned manufactures of medicines and CRO representatives.

"The medical care given to, and medical decisions made on behalf of subjects should always be the responsibility of a qualified physician."

ICH Topic E 6 (R1) Guideline for Good Clinical Practice, Section 2.7