Preclinical study

One of the priority scientific directions of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy of National University of Pharmacy is the study of drugs at the preclinical stage. In this area, research work is carried out in the following areas:

  • preclinical study of the medicines specific pharmacological action of the following clinical and pharmacological groups: non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, non-narcotic analgesics, nephroprotectors, chondroprotectors, cardioprotectors, hepatoprotectors, anti-ulcer drugs, antioxidants and antihypoxants, hypolipidemic agents, cere-broprotectors, endothelial dysfunction correctors, venotonics, local action drugs (ointments, gels), wound healing agents, medicines for upper respiratory tract diseases treatment, etc.;
  • toxicological studies: acute toxicity, toxicity at repeated introduction (subacute, subchronic, chronic);
  • study of specific toxicity: ulcerogenicity, cumulative effect, local irri-tation, pyrogenicity, etc.;
  • certain types of pharmacokinetic studies.

    For the tasks of medicinal products preclinical research, the department is equipped with modern scientific equipment that meets the international re-quirements, namely:

  • Incapacitance tester Linton Instrumentation (England).
  • Biochemical automatic analyzer Dimention RxL Max (Siemens, Germany).
  • Analgesy-meter 37215 UGO BASILE (Italy).
  • Microscope Optika B-1000 BF with a digital camera Opticam PRO HDMI.
  • Turbidimetric hemcoagulometer Solar CGL 2110 and etc.

The list of equipment includes not only devices and reagents of general laboratory use that allow performing hematologic, biochemical, immunoen-zymatic, immunohistochemical, microscopic investigations, but also specific equipment for the study of analgesic, anti-inflammatory action and other types of drug activity.

The scientific staff involved in conducting of preclinical studies of medi-cines on the basis of the Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy includes scientists of the Department, among them there are 4 Doc-tors of Medicine (Pharmacy) and 10 PhD. The team of researchers also in-cludes assistants and laboratory assistants of the department. Coherent work is provided by the coordinator of preclinical research, and quality — by a qual-ity control specialist. The research team of the department constantly improves its qualification, participates in international conferences on preclinical study of medicines, relevant trainings on the rules for conducting preclinical studies according to GLP requirements and foreign internships.