Statistical Research of Clinical Trials

The NPhU Clinical and Diagnostics Center offers data processing and statistical analysis in clinical trials for CRO, pharmaceutical companies, and plants.

To be on the edge of the pharmaceutical investigation industry, we implemented advanced clinical data management approaches in the work of our diagnostics center. From the very beginning of the trial project till its completion, we provide an appropriate support in clinical trial statistics. This includes the regulatory authorities submission of the investigation results.

Statistical Analysis Objectives

Statistical Research

A professionally held biostatistical analysis enables to:

  • Formalize the drug development decision-making process.
  • Improve the medical characteristics of the investigated drugs.
  • Automate the data management and interpretation during an extensive clinical study process.
  • Data merge and comparison with the widely available information through the theory of experiments and mathematical modeling.

Advanced Biostatistics in Clinical Trials

The NPhU CDC staff is highly proficient in all the types of biostatistics in the preliminary pharmaceutical research. We would be glad to help you in clinical trial investigations both with outstanding biostatistics and the further assistance.

The core services we provide to the clients around the globe include:

  • The advanced planning of the further statistical analysis.
  • The preliminary statistical modeling.
  • The overall statistical analysis.
  • Transitional reports compilation.
  • Final reports compilation.
  • Current state monitoring.
  • Other clinical biostatistics reports.

Experienced Biostatistical Data Management

Our clinical trial data management services are provided in the next formula:

  • Trial database creation and management.
  • Data entry & double data entry.
  • Outstanding data quality control.
  • Data validation and verification.
  • Immediate discrepancy query.

In the course of a primary discussion and agreement, other statistics in medical research and additional services can be provided by the NPhU clinical diagnostics center. All services are provided in accordance with international regulatory documents and meet the established quality standards. Our services and reports are available for ordering in all countries throughout the world.

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